I Took My First Lover For Granted

Today, I decided to finally pen some piece from my mind, I have be doing a lot of thinking lately, reminiscing my past love experience where I took a lot for granted. I remember a quite number of great moments and also I remember those ‘I wish this never happened’ moments. I usually do not

First love not always the last love. Why?

Growing up was damn fun (sorry if yours wasn’t), we get a lot of love from people who owe us nothing. We get love from family members, friends of our parents, neighbours, teachers, nannies etc. The best of the loves we get while growing up was that from our parents. It was easy to get

How not to ruin your first date – ladies

How not to ruin your first date – ladies Many bloggers have written about how men can make a perfect first impression on a first date. Others would focus on what men should not do on a first date so they don’t ruin the date. Let us look at it differently (or let us think

5 Benefits of early marriage

On several occasions, I have surfed the web in search of the platform that talks about the benefit of early marriage. Through all my search I found one common concept of “taking your time” before you consider marriage from writers. Yes, I agree, but where they want you to get married when you are supposed

5 Ways to make your relationship work again

5 Ways to make your relationship work again Building a relationship goes beyond falling in love, it’s a function of so many important things that we most often pay less attention to. In the previous post, some major problems we are faced with in building a healthy relationship were discussed. Here, I will be revealing

4 Reasons your relationship is not working

4 Reasons your relationship is not working When love is in the air, it makes lovers want to break rules and they want to go extra mile for one another but what happens when love abruptly disappear into the thin air? It is usually heartbroken to realize that a relationship you’ve spent much time to